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Best toys of the 90s

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Crazy Bones The first of many playground fads, Gogo Crazy Bones were basically just tiny plastic monsters, but weirdly addictive and totally collectible.

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Even if you look back upon your toy chest quizzically, you can't deny that you had a lot of fun collecting and playing with the stuff you have no idea what to do with now.

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Hands up if you had his wife, Mrs Potato Head, too?

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Doodle Bear The first toy that we were ever told to draw on, and one that still has a special place in our hearts.

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If you are wondering what cartoon we are talking about, that is probably because you never even heard of it, much of us have not because no one really watched it.

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She also had a dummy that made her go to sleep in an instant, which made our expectations of real parenthood highly skewed.

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There was a point where everyone wanted to get their hands on these tiny bears stuffed with both stuffing and beans.

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Crossfire definitely had the coolest commercial of any game out there.

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Gooey Louie was a game where you literally had to pick fake snot out of a plastic head and whoever made his brain pop out lost the game.

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Thankfully, we were none the wiser to the addictive apps we would one day all be invited to, and it was pretty easy to have with nothing more than the bits of plastic that came with a Happy Meal.

Tamagotchi Giphy This was babysitting training in a digital egg.

In terms of coolness, this toy failed to provide, making it one of the worst toys from the 90s.

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